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Korte Design

Advertising, Product

Photography for the domestic Korte Design brand. Shooting products in the studio and designing and shooting mood shots in different environments, such as the Naantali housing fair area. The images have a high resolution. Accurate image processing plays an important role in finishing images and building compositions.

Beautiful details in every product

A snapshot of the product in a different mood

A still life of the product family built in the studio. The 250 megapixel image size is sufficient for all kinds of marketing purposes. The five-metre cyclorama background is the ideal solution for photographing similar products when several products can be displayed in the same image.

Each lamp was photographed with and without the light inside the product. It had to be ensured that the studio lights used to illuminate the product matched the wattage and colour temperature of the bulb inside the luminaire.

I take technical product images using the Focus Stacking method, where the final product image is composed of several images focused at different points. This gives a sharp image all the way through. This is not possible with just one image, but requires precise focus range adjustment between images. Products hanging from the ceiling require special care to avoid the product swaying between images and causing blurring.

Uno photographed from two different angles

Korte Design Lighthouse in three different colours

A mood shot taken outdoors. Illuminate the product and the tree canopy with two studio lights. A battery-powered bulb was placed inside the lamp itself