Terms and Conditions

What the terms and conditions apply to

The general Terms and Conditions below apply to all photo productions.

The price of the photo production and the content of the service

The price and content of the photography is determined by the prices in force or by what is stated in the offer.

Traveling expenses

Travel expenses are included in the price for photography in the Turku area. For filming elsewhere in Finland and abroad, we charge EUR 0.53 per kilometre for travel expenses. We have a mobile photography studio equipment so photo production is possible to arrange where you need to.

Image style and production

All images are basicly processed to ensure the best possible quality and a style that is in line with the client’s brand. The exposure, contrast, white balance and cropping of the images are adjusted. More demanding image processing and image manipulation (for example removing objects from the image, smoothing the skin or work requiring more editing in jewellery photography) will be charged separately.

Payment for the photography production

Payment for the photo shoot is made at the time of the shoot by card or invoice. The payment term on the invoice is 7 or 14 days and the surcharge is EUR 15.

For private shoots, a booking fee of EUR 50 will be charged. The reservation is valid as soon as the booking fee has been paid.

Image bank and downloading of the images

The image bank containing the preview images will be delivered when the shooting fee has been paid in full. The customer can choose from the image bank the images included in the price of the image package, which will be carefully processed and uploaded to the image bank.

Instructions for downloading the finished image files are always sent in a separate e-mail.

Ordering additional images

It is possible to order additional images through the Image Bank. In addition to the photography package, an invoice will be sent for the ordered images. The payment term on the invoice is 7 or 14 days. The image order will be processed once the payment has been acknowledged.

Copyrights and licenses

For clear and transparent pricing, image files are provided with free access regardless of media, circulation and impressions. However, by law, all copyright remains with the photographer.

A photographer may use images in a portfolio, blog, photo contests, or other photography-related marketing without permission. The photographer is committed to respecting the client’s privacy and using situational judgment in presenting the images.

Rescheduling the photoshoot

It is possible to postpone the shooting date, but we hope that you will contact us no later than 24 hours after the start of the shooting.

If canceled later or in case of no-show we will charge 50% of the fee.