From a young age, a dream came true: my own business. I heard “stop dreaming” quite often when I was a child and it only increased my enthusiasm to become a entrepreneur. Fortunately, the family was encouraged to work. After finally turning 18, I decided to take a risk and realize a long-term dream and start my own company. Soon there was a move from Joensuu to Turku, where suitable premises were found for my own studio. It started a story that has taught me all kinds of trying and living.

I add value to my customers with high-quality photos personalized for them. Whether it was a person, a brand, a service, a product or a space. High-quality visual material is an investment that will return the amount invested multiply.

Each case has its own challenges and it is interesting in this profession. The photos I take end up on city billboards, the sides of buses, various magazines, the internet, brochures, television, Facebook, annual reports, books, walls of homes, etc. The criteria set for my images are often high, so I invest in continuous improvement by training myself passionately and investing in professional equipment and tools.

Valokuvaaja Peter Sebastian Photography

I hear such comments from my customers almost every day. It’s a great feeling because then I know I’ve succeeded in my goal. As a photographer, it is often not enough to master studio lighting, reflectors, camera hardware, image processing, and other technical aspects. While all of that needs to be mastered, it’s about something much deeper. 

I have to understand another person and get to the same wavelength. To make a person relax and feel accepted. In this way my customer can be in the pictures as his own true self without restrained self-criticism. When photoshooting with actors and professional performers this is pretty easy,. But with “ordinary” people, it often requires more understanding and a psychological eye. Many have deep-seated critical thoughts about themselves: their own smile, their body model, and anything related to themselves. As a mission, I have to break these sad assumptions.

By nature I’m basically positive and reportedly easy to approach, so I like to have a good mood in the shooting situation. When everyone has fun, everyone succeeds in the pictures as their own self.

Usually I start to carry out the assignment with the feeling that this photoshoot must become the best picture I have ever taken.

I am a cost effective and flexible partner. Long-term cooperation with customers is the best

A few customers I have photographed