Tositarinoita työelämästä

Tositarinoita työelämästä

Tositarinoita työelämästä -photo exhibition and online campaign is part of the nationwide and open to everyone Työelämäforum event, which was organized in Helsinki on August 31. In Little Finlandia and online.

The photo exhibition consists of the career stories of 12 people working in different fields. The campaign makes people stop to think about what makes a good working day and what makes working pleasant, motivating and supportive of well-being.

I photographed each person in their real work environment. The photo shoots were organized in the capital region, Tampere and Turku.

I had portable studio equipment with me during the filming and I used color filters in the photos as an effect.

Go read people’s stories and find out more about the “True stories from working life” campaign at