Studio in Turku

The studio located in the former Figura factory in Vähäheikkilä Turku, has been used for various photographs

Photo studio
in Turku Figura

A versatile photo studio near the center of Turku

Photo studio
in Turku

Studio in Turku

The studio located in the former Figura factory in Turku Vähäheikkilä

Five meter wide background

Custom built white seamless background wall: Space backdrop, Cyclorama, Infinity wall, Forever backdrop… It has many names.

The wide background make it easy to capture group shots.


The studio has carefully selected tools and high quality technology to ensure the best possible quality

The wide shooting background, built especially for group photography, allows teams to be photographed

Large monitors

Photography directly on 32-inch 4K screens offers great benefits, especially when shooting groups and products with lots of details.

The composition of group and product images is efficient and even the smallest details of the product image stand out clearly. The image is displayed on accurate screens immediately after the image is taken.

Green Screen

The studio can also shoot various productions on Green Screen or Blue Screen and embe the subjects to any background. Different elements can be built into the image by image manipulation – only the imagination as a limit.

Always spare equipment included

The equipment of a professional photographer must work in every situation. Photoshoot must not be interrupted due to possible equipment failure.

I have invested in reliable professional technology, but I still always have spare equipment when shooting in the studio and elsewhere: extra camera, extra lights and other accessories


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